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Create unique, curated experiences for your fans while generating greater revenue through premium live streaming.

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Molli provides tools and features that allow creators to earn more than ever.


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Molli is your personal money manager. All you have to do is set a ticket amount, stream, and you'll have money in your bank within hours.


1080p 60fps
Easy setup
Mobile streaming
Monetizable VODs

Molli allows streamers to flexibly stream from any platform or app that supports RTMP. This includes StreamLabs, StreamLabs mobile, and OBS. Start streaming after copy and pasting two values.



Molli provides you deep analytics that help understand who your fans are, where they are coming from, and how much they are spending.

Freedom of Speech & Creativity

Since we don't have advertisers that can dictate content, streamers are free to do and say whatever they want as long as it's legal.

Simple pricing for all

Molli uses a simple revenue split structure with no upfront costs.
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